Sustainable RAS-Technology



Innovation Within Energy-Saving & Cost-Effective RAS-Technology


The Technology

For over 10 years, we have studied new technology-solutions in water-renewal for fish-breeding on land.


We have now developed ATMOX.

ATMOX is a compact, energy-saving, flexible and patented RAS-system.

Through taxing tests, our pilot-unit has shown ground-breaking results within CO2-airing, bio-filter assisted rinsing and injection of atmospheric oxygen.


New Solutions

Our patented and unique ATMOX-technology, provides an effective, cheap and more sustainable RAS-Solution.

Produced in Norway

MOI A/S is a well known industrial company located in Jæren, Norway.


Since 1950, they have produces and supplied custom made solutions to the norwegian agriculture and offshore industry. MOI A/S produces the ATMOX, in line with their most important values: Quality, ease of use and efficiency.


The western-Norway based company ICON, has delivered the process-control units for the ATMOX.

ATMOX is produced as a ready to use, plug and play unit in-factory, then transported by truck or boat.


Aqua Harvest Solutions (AHS)

In collaboration with MOI A/S we produce, install and perform all service of our units.


The product is assembled in-factory and transported by truck or ship to each customer, ready to use. This contributes to an easy and seemless ordering and assembling process for your ATMOX unit.